Gold Au $2416.66 $36.93
Silver Ag $31.51 $1.92
Platinum Pt $1087.35 $22.58
Palladium Pd $1012.80 $17.51

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dates are important and older is usually better, but rarity and condition determine the value, along with supply/demand. There are numerous price guides out there to reference. It’s always good to check with a professional to get the real market pricing.

Coins are rated on a scale from 1-70, with 60-70 being known as ‘Mint State’ and labeled as MS60-MS70. As a grader for Professional Coin Grading Service in 1986, the first year of standardized grading in the industry, we are foremost experts in the highly technical aspects of grading all U.S. coins from colonial coins right up to present day modern coins.

The short answer is yes. The less wear any coin has the better. There can be a major difference in pricing for two coins of the same date. It all depends on how much wear or detail is still legible.


  • What country of origin are the coins from.
  • What metal are the coins made of- gold, Silver or copper coins
  • Approximate quantity of each denomination, e.g.- silver dollars, half dollars, and so on.
  • A word of caution; Do not clean your coins. Improper cleaning can destroy the value of a good coin.
  • All 1964 and earlier, half dollars, quarters and dimes are made of 90% silver and 10% copper.
  • All Silver dollars, 1935 and earlier are 90% silver
  • 1965-1970 half dollars are 40% silver

No, unless the Eisenhower dollars are in a government brown box or a blue envelope.